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Rx Drug Exchange is the innovative solution for purchasing or selling excess drug inventory. Our online site allows licensed companies to purchase or upload their own drug inventory for sale. We link pharmacies, wholesalers, drug manufacturers and consumers together in order to negotiate the best prices on un-returnable drug inventory. You can now sell, purchase and view pharmaceuticals for sale, all in a safe and secure online environment.

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Our unique approach to Pharmacy inventory management gives you greater flexibility.

Rx Drug Exchange's technological solution's securely links Rx Inventory buyers and sellers. The transaction is seamless, providing confirmation of order, invoices, and shipping preferences.

Rx Drug Exchange will help you control your inventory dollars. The process is simple, and saves money for buyers, and sellers.

With our professionally trained staff of Pharmacist's and Technicians your Rx Support Team is dedicated to giving your business the attention it deserves. Signup today to see how Rx Drug exchange can save your pharmacy business money.

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